Domestic Water Softeners

Household water treatments in the West Midlands, London, Lancashire and Wales

Water softeners from £325* inc VAT – installation kits available!

Improving quality of life with domestic water softeners. Some of the benefits of water softeners / soft water:

  • Makes hair soft and easy to manage
  • Water has a clean, silky feeling – no more scum
  • Rinses away completely without staining
  • Removes existing scale in hot water and heating systems
  • Saves up to 50% of washing powder and bathroom soap
  • Reduced use of shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products
  • Improves heating efficiency – just 1/16″ of scale causes a 12% loss of efficiency
  • Independent studies have confirmed that cleaning time is reduced with softened water
You can also contact us for domestic water filters and commercial and industrial water purification equipment.
domestic water softeners
water softener

More than just a luxury

A water softener brings many advantages. Some are of the luxurious kind and others are of a more practical nature. For most people, the biggest advantage is the one that you can't see but can certainly feel.

Your water will not only become silky and luxurious to the touch, but it will be easier on your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Your hair will benefit too, a water softener from D. A. Baldwin & Son will make it look healthier and shinier. And you’ll even feel an improvement in your clothes. After washing in softened water they’ll be fresher and fluffier too.

Save money

Hard water is chemically opposed to lather, so you have to use more soap or detergent than is necessary. With our softeners, you’ll use up to half the normal amount of soap, shampoo and detergent. Your glassware will dry spotless, and if you have a dishwasher, you won’t have to add salt to it ever again.

How they work

Water softeners contain a resin that removes the magnesium and calcium deposits that cause water to be hard. Periodically the resin needs to be regenerated by flushing with salt water. This is done automatically; all you have to do is add inexpensive table salt once a month. The salt does not enter the water supply, of course. It is simply flushed away by the softener once it has finished its job of regenerating the resin.

Our water softeners

  • DAB M Water Softeners
  • DAB L Water Softeners
DAB M Water Softeners
DAB M Water Softeners

DAB M Water Softeners

DAB L Water Softeners

The modern design and soft curves of the DAB L Water Softener mean it can be placed anywhere even if that means having it on show! Water softeners these days aren't just boring grey boxes tucked away in garages, the DAB L's stylish design is a clear example of that.
DAB L Water Softener
Water Softener

Why should you buy a DAB L Water Softener?

For starters, the DAB L gives your water that soft luxurious feel and with the cost effective running of this softener you’ll be glad you bought wisely. Gone are the limescale rings around your bath and the DAB L can help save money on your heating bills and soaps, detergents and cleaning products. A 2010 independent study by The Water Quality Association rated the DAB L as amongst the very best household energy savers with its low power consumption and low water usage per regeneration.

The DAB L is built in the UK with efficiency in mind, it’s built to make efficient use of salt and operate with a power usage of typically less than one watt.

Technical details of DAB L Water Softeners

UK design and build
Stylish and ergonomic
Compact allowing for installation under most sinks
Efficient, reduces costs in heating and cleaning product purchases
Enables reduced detergent usage to kind on clothes too
Width: 282mm
Height: 507mm
Depth: 440mm
Litres of resin: 15
Litres if softened water between regeneration at 300ppm hardness: 2200 litres
Average number of days between regenerations*: 4 days
Water used per regeneration: less than 4% (meets requirements for water efficiency as defined in Code for Sustainable Homes)
Power consumption: Typically less than one watt

*based on a 4 person household using 125 litres/person in an area where the water is 300ppm hard.

Other sized units are available, so don’t worry if you need a softener that’s larger or smaller than the one shown we can soon find the right unit to suit your needs, just give us a call on 01902 700 456.
Water Softeners
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