Industrial Deionizers

Custom-built industrial deionizers in the West Midlands, London, Lancashire and Wales

We provide automatic programmable solutions that meet your requirements.

D. A. Baldwin & Son supplies Osmonics DI systems

With their microprocessor electronics and advanced programming capabilities, the 7800 Series and 7700 Series Deionizers deliver new high in DI. These fully automatic, streamlined control systems reduce Instrumentation needs and deliver consistently high purity DI water. And, since they require no special training or maintenance, their operating costs are minimal. With flow rates up to 75 GPM, there’s a unit here for every industrial commercial, medical and agricultural application. These controls are ideally suited to retrofitting and upgrading existing DI systems, too.

We also supply water softeners, UV steriliser systems and filters. You can reach our team in Wolverhampton on 01902 700 456 to place your orders. 
Osmonics DI systems

Buy or rent deionizers

Low cost mixed bed deionizers available on an exchange basis. Cylinder prices and capacity available on request.

Custom programmable for automatic precision and simplicity.

You simply program the control for the quality of DI water you desire. The continuously monitoring system automatically detects and prevents the flow of low-quality water, and, when necessary, initiates regeneration. Microprocessor-controlled valve indexing takes the guess work out of chemical dosage. Regeneration timing and length is determined by bed volume, water pressure and total dissolved solids.

Custom built deionizer
Semi and automatic deionizers built to customers' specifications. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

The digital-type meter displays both water quality and regeneration time remaining… a unique combination that simplifies system process planning.

A third tank polisher can be accommodated under the single control to pick up sodium or silica leakage, allowing you to easily attain higher purity water at less expense.

A single set of printed circuit boards controls both simultaneous and sequential regeneration. You simply select the desired regeneration mode with DIP switches.

All programming features are easily accessible on the front panel, so there’s no need to enter the control box and disrupt operations.

Indicator lights show at a glance which phase of the regeneration cycle the system is in.

Direct reduction of chemicals through the multi-port valves eliminates additional chemical draw valves.

Automatic pre-rinse prior to regeneration prevents false regeneration and preserves chemicals.

Monitored final rinse rids the system of residual chemicals before the deionizer returns to service. Convenient test ports allow sampling of decationized and final DI water for quick, easy checks of system performance.

Modular construction reduces downtime and simplifies troubleshooting and service.

Rugged NEMA 12 electrical enclosures, standard on all controls, meet or exceed NEMA showering arc (ICS 2-230), surge withstand (IEEE 587) and Electrostatic discharge (MIL-STD-88380).

Automatic shut-off during power failure prevents resins from being exhausted past their quality endpoint.

NOVRAM back-up saves all data during a power failure, then returns the display to the last data point when power is restored. No batteries are required.

A low-level sensor can be easily wired into the control to warn of low chemical volumes.

Provisions for a remote control panel and auxiliary “START REGENERATION” source allow regeneration to be initiated and controlled from a location remote from the actual installation site.

Level controlled shut-off to a product storage tank can be utilised with the addition of a simple float switch in the storage tank.

Relays and fuses on the power printed circuit board provide for the operation of recirculation and supply pumps.
D. A. Baldwin & Son supplies custom-designed and programmable industrial deionizers in the West Midlands, London, Lancashire and Wales.

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