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Industrial filters by ScaleGard

D. A. Baldwin & Son supplies CunoOCS ScaleGard Pro filters. These filters are excellent for
  • Espresso Machines
  • Small to Medium Bean-to-Cup Machines
  • Low Volume Automatics
  • Vending Machines
ScaleGard Pro is a high capacity, disposable scale control system designed to protect coffee and vending equipment from the detrimental effects of scale build-up.

They can be supplied in single or dual systems. The single system has a capacity up to 1600 litres or 16,000 100ml cups at a180ppm temporary hardness, while the dual system has a capacity up to 3200 litres or 32,000 100ml cups at a180ppm temporary hardness.
Industrial filters
CunoOCS ScaleGard Pro filters

Features of CunoOCS ScaleGard Pro filters:

  • Sanitary quick change cartridge
  • Proprietary media
  • Carbon block postfiltration
  • Neutral pH
  • Encapsulated design
  • Sanitary cartridge connection
  • Compact footprint
  • Impact resistant housing
  • Horizontal inlet and outlet ports
D. A. Baldwin & Son also supplies industrial deionizers, water softeners and UV steriliser systems. For enquiries or to place an order, contact our team in Wolverhampton.
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