Industrial Water Softeners

Supply of industrial water softeners in 
the West Midlands, London, Lancashire 
and Wales

High-end solutions for industrial environment.

Salient features of our Twin Tank water softeners:

  • 24-hour non-stop softened water
  • Small size
  • Low running costs
  • Large salt storage
  • Simple automatic operation
In addition to the Twin Tank water softeners, D. A. Baldwin & Son in Wolverhampton also supplies industrial water deionizers, water filters and water softeners.
water softeners
Twin Tank

Why Twin Tank?

Twin Tank water softeners supply softened water 24 hours, nonstop. Their low salt consumption assures running costs are kept to a minimum. Twin tank softeners are smaller than equivalent single tank softeners. Compare the benefits of Twin Tank softeners with traditional single tank softeners. Single tank softeners have to be over-sized to ensure softened water is available on days of peak water demand. Softened water is not available during regeneration cycle of single tank softeners but Twin Tank softeners supply softened water during regeneration. Twin Tank softeners use salt according to how much softened water is produced, compensating automatically for changes in softened water demand.

Twin Tank softeners have two tanks containing softening resin and a single simple brass multiport valve. One tank supplies softened water while the other is regenerating or is in standby. The quantity of softened water produced is metered. When the required volume of water is softened the tank standby switches to supply softened water and the tank that was in service switches to regenerate and then to standby. A wet brining system enables a brine solution to be made quickly; six regenerations can be made each day, sometimes more. The only setting necessary is to set the volume of water between regenerations.

Microprocessor controlled
For precise control, these softeners have computer controls
Model selection chart
simplex system
D. A. Baldwin & Son is a supplier of industrial water softeners in the West Midlands, London, Lancashire and Wales.

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