Water Coolers

High-quality commercial water coolers 
for your business in the West Midlands

We supply efficient and competitively priced water cooling systems. Serving the West Midlands, 
London, Lancashire and Wales.

Water coolers and dispensers

‘Point of Use’ water coolers and dispensers are a convenient and cost-effective way of providing a constant supply of fresh filtered water. Offering total cost control, they are plumbed directly into the mains water supply, the water being passed through an advanced in-line filtration system, leaving only crystal clear fresh tasting water.

D. A. Baldwin & Son supplies Samsung water coolers and they are available as hot/chilled or chilled/ambient temperature models. We also supply RO systems, sediment filters, water softeners, decal units and other commercial water treatment products.
Water coolers
In-line filter system


  • In-line filter system
  • Auto temperature controller (Cold 5ºc, hot 70ºc – 90ºc)
  • Water block protection device
  • Attractive styling
  • Removable drip tray
  • On/Off and status neon indicator lights

5 stage in-line filter removes organic chemicals, tastes, odours and helps prevent scaling

Water coolers and are available as hot/chilled or chilled/ambient temperature models.
Get the best deals on commercial water coolers at D. A. Baldwin & Son, Wolverhampton. We serve the West Midlands, London, Lancashire and Wales.

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